Podcast with Jordan Biggie Steffens

PODCAST WITH JORDEN BIGGIE STEFFENS Today we caught up with Jordan BIggie Steffens to talk about all things strongman. Jordan is undoubtedly one of Australias Strongest Strongmen. Find out how he started and more about him. If You'd like to contact Jordan you can find him on Facebook at "Jordan Biggie Steffens" If you enjoyed this Show please subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date with Later Shows!continue reading →


PODCAST WITH JAMES NEWBURY REGIONAL ATHLETE Today we caught up with James Newbury CrossFit Regional Competitor. James is south Australia's fittest man and multiple time regional competitor. He is also the co-owner of CrossFit Mode in the Adelaide CBD and has established himself as one of the fittest men in Australia. We spoke to James about how he started crossfit, how his training is going leading up to his this Open season and about what it takes to be one of the fittest men in Australia. If you would like to know more about…continue reading →


PODCAST with ELIAS ARCONDOLIS FROM ASAP Today we caught up with Elias from ASAP (Arco Strength and Conditioning), Elias is one of SA's Strongest men holding the highest Strongman grading here in SA. Elias is a strength and conditioning coach who primarily focuses on track athletes. Elias knows  a thing or two about strength and training and we sit down with him to talk about all things training and fitness.   If you would like to find out more about Elias check out his facebook business page here at https://www.facebook.com/ArcoStrengthAndPerformance If you enjoyed…continue reading →

Podcast with CrossFit Fallen

PODCAST WITH CROSSFIT FALLEN  We caught with up with the boys from CrossFit Fallen, CrossFit Fallen is made up of John Delorenzo and Dylan Neighbour who both co - own CrossFit Fallen located in Port Adelaide, South Australia In Todays Podcast we talk about training,  tips on what to think about if you are planning on opening a crossfit affiliate, the Australian hero games and more!       If you guys liked this podcast you can find out more about Dylan and John at their website at www.crossfitfallen.com.au and if you'd like to…continue reading →

The most underutilized equipment piece at the box

The most under utilized equipment piece at the box One of the most under utilized pieces of equipment found in every CrossFit box are the dumb bells. These hexagon shaped pieces of rubber and metal have been used since the dawn of training to build strength and physiques. They usually lie in the corner of the box or hidden away on top of each, maybe in order or maybe not. the Pro's of using dumb bells are that they are  great because they force you stabilize smaller muscles that may not fire quite the…continue reading →

Podcast with the WODLIFE

PODCAST WITH THE WOD LIFE Today we caught up with Ben from THE WOD LIFE, they are lifestyle and apparel brand that focus on catering to the crossfit and fitness market by providing great products. THE WOD LIFE have also been a huge supporter of athletes and competitions in the past year, increasing their presence in Australia and the world. If you would like to know about one Australia's favourite Functional Fitness brands then keep on listening on the podcast.  in todays podcast Raul Sat and spoke to ben about how THE WOD LIFE started, the crossfit games, GRID, the…continue reading →

How to asses what your weakness really is in CrossFit?

 A quick way to asses what your weakness really is ... "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try one more time" - Thomas A, Edison ... Say what you like about CrossFit.com programing but regardless of what your thoughts of it are, you can’t deny that it is constantly a good way to asses and test your fitness. I say this at a stage of my crossfit experience were at times I feel like most if not all work outs are within my domain, My times…continue reading →


SOMETHING RXD Interview Zakery Johnson "Ironman" Today we caught up with Zakery Johnson to talk about all things endurance training and ironman. We wanted to know what it takes to do one of these incredible feats of Fitness so we contacted with our friend Zak to get a first hand account. Zak Talked with us about the preparation leading up to his first Triathlon, Half ironman and Ironman. If you'd like to find out more, then listen to the Podcast Below! If you have any questions about the show then please contact us at info@somethingrxd.com…continue reading →


WHAT IS CROSSFIT?  ... “The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” - Coach Glassman ... There are probably 100 ways that you can skin this cat, but we will choose for one. I've always been a big fan of Coach Glassman. Not just  because he gave me a way to make a living doing something I love which is owning a crossfit affiliate and making people healthier, but also because he has always had a…continue reading →


"THE GROWTH OF CROSSFIT, GYM JONES, CROSSFIT GAMESS, AMANDA ALLEN, TRAINING CYCLES AND CROSSFIT COMPETITIONS " Ben Norman is the Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Adelaide. Ben norman is considered by many in Adelaide as the God Father of CrossFit here in SA, He has also lead the way in CrossFit Competitions with his series of Fit wars over the last couple years. Ben also has trained several Games athletes to podium finishes including Current Over 40's Masters Champion Athlete Amanda Allen. If You'd like to find out more about Ben you can contact…continue reading →
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