Podcast W/ Jenny Kemp CrossFit Games Athlete

Something Rx'd Episode with Jenny Kemp Jenny Kemp is a 2 time CrossFit Games Athlete, from South Australia. Today we speak with her to talk all things CrossFit, the games, training for a masters athlete and we hear about her story. If you enjoyed the podcast you can give us a rating on iTunes   If you would like to contact us about Anything you can do so at info@somethingrxd.comcontinue reading →

Podcast with The Box Community

Podcast with The Box Community Today we Spoke with the Box Community to talk about their brand, their sponsored athletes, how they began and all things crossfit and functional fitness. The Box community are an Australian based local apparel and lifestyle brand catering to the crossfit community and¬†functional training world. The Box community can be reached at http://theboxcommunity.com.au/   If you enjoyed this Show, please subscribe to our newsletter at the top right corner of this page Also you can now enjoy our show on I tunes so check us out!continue reading →


PODCAST WITH JOHN PURL FROM The AFFILIATE SUPER LEAGUE Today we talked to John about all Things CrossFit , Grid and the Affiliate Super League which will host some of the best Crossfitter's in Australia. The Affiliate Super League is a new up and coming event beginning in February next year. The Event will Host an Rx'd competition for individual competitors and teams.   If you would like to find out more about the affiliate super league, please like them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Affiliate-Super-League/291177674419579continue reading →


PODCAST WITH LUKE CURTIS "THE SWIMING EPISODE" In Todays Podcast we talk with Luke Curtis former high level swimming competitor and current swimming coach to talk about all things swimming and how swimming can compliment your training. Guest on this Show include Claire Hamilton and Co Host Matt Carter. As always this podcast is brought to you by Raul and the team of Something RXD. ¬†continue reading →