Which Training Blog Should you Follow?

SOMETHING RXD "OUTLAW, OPT, CROSSFIT.COM, COMPETITOR" Which one Should you Follow? In Todays Episode we discussed the different Training blogs out there, covering briefly on outlaw, OPT, competitorwod and crossfit.com and which one you should be following to meet your goals,   Something RXD is Sponsored by www,fashionrxd.com check out our Awesome T shirts and Singlets Available now!continue reading →

Mechanix Gloves Review

Mechanix Gloves Review Check out our Video Review of Mechanix Gloves Check it out Here! You can go to the www.thewodlife.com.au To get them Today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQW0XFonFDscontinue reading →

Podcast With The Training Geek Lester Ho

Podcast With The Training Geek Lester Ho Today we Spoke with Lester Ho aka "The Training Geek" as he is mostly known in Social Media. Lester is currently undertaking a Phd in BIomechanics, specifically on the snatch and also holds a Bachelors Degree and Honours in Exercise. He can also be found coaching crossfiters and weightlifters. Lester is a very interesting man who we believe is a driving force in an age full of bro science amongst the internet. He Speaks from a place of science and biomechanics and we have found his media posts quite informative. If you want to learn…continue reading →

Review of the Myobottle

Meet the MyoBottle So what is this funny contraction you see before your eyes? Well its the best combination of mobility meets your dying need for water after a Wod meets get funny questions asked by everyone at the box. The MYOBOTTLE is a cool little product coming from Bear Instinct Athletics. It is a 1.5 littler bottle of water that acts and foam roller as well. The Pros are that If you are as tight as a hippopotamus such as myself, you will find this to be almost the perfect foam roller, it…continue reading →

Podcast With Amanda Allen CrossFit Games Masters Champion

  Podcast with Amanda Allen Hey Crew What is Up! Earlier this week we caught up with Amanda Allen. Amanda is an exceptional Athlete and inspiring individual. At the age of 40+ Amanda has accomplished feats within CrossFit and the Functional Training world that few of us will ever get to reach. Her story is both inspiring and motivating. We discussed all things CrossFit, The Grid and what makes her tick. This was our first episode fully recorded in video and we recommend you watch the video recordings as well as the audio. The…continue reading →