15.1 Tips for the CrossFit Games Open

15.1 Tips from Something Rxd The Official Something Rxd Tip Sheet Pay attention fellow exercisers the open is finally upon us and yes we have braced ourselves. First of all Wow just Wow I mean could have Rich's and Matt's beards looked any better, I mean far out im not that way inclined but if I was , god dayuumm and they weren't too bad at exercising either. But seriously 15.1 .... *dramatic music* is finally here and it couldn't be more Crossfit than this. I love it a simple triplet 15 toes…continue reading →

Top 5 Movements that Make a Difference in CrossFit Competitions

Planning to compete In CrossFit Competitions? Want to have the edge over your competition? Here are 5 not so simple movements that always make a difference in local competitions Muscle ups/ Pull Ups Start Working Hard to get better at those pulling movements, if you are competing in the Rxd Divisions then you better get really good at muscle ups and your ability to string them together, it will put you leap and bounds in front of others. If you are in the scaled divisions get really good at high rep pull ups, at least doing…continue reading →

Podcast with Chris Moore Aka Barbell Buddha

Podcast with Chris Moore Aka Barbell Buddha Today we spoke with one of our favourite Podcast presenters Chris Moore from our favourite podcast Barbell Shrugged. Chris Moore is also the host of his own podcast Barbell Buddha and an Author. Chris Moore has travelled the world and gotten the chance to speak to some of the greatest coaches and athletes all around the world.       As Always Something RXD is Sponsored by Fashion RXD check out our sponsor at www.fashionrxd.comcontinue reading →

The CrossFit Games Open Season, Are you Ready?

The CrossFit Games Open Season, Are you Ready? With the Open around the corner The Games site has posted a photo of the most popular movements that have kept coming up in the Games Open Season. Are you ready for high Level toes to bar, burpees to a target, light to heavy snatches and high repetition box jumps. If not then you may be in for a world of hurt. With the Open having been around for now more than 4 years, we have a concrete level of data to predict what may…continue reading →


WODAPALOOZA OC THROWDOWN JAMES NEWBURY AND MORE! Check out our latest podcast with James Newbury CrossFit Games Regional Athlete. In Todays Podcast we spoke to James about the upcoming Games Season, what it was like to compete at Wodapalooza in Miami and what his thoughts where on the Oc Throwdown and the hurdle Event. Check it out on the link Below or on ITunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpqSCcb_jak     As always This show is brought to you by Fashion RXD Check out our Gear at www.fashionrxd.com    continue reading →


PODCAST WITH PRIMAL ADELAIDE Today we caught up with Ash from Primal Adelaide and Spoke all things CrossFit nutrition and why your diet is probably not working! Lots of Tips and Healthy eating facts in this podcast, lots of truth bombs being dropped make sure to check it out! If you would like to get in contact with Ash you can via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ashdprimaladelaide   As Always This show is brought to you by FASHION RXD www.fashionrxd.comcontinue reading →

Podcast with Karen Bentley Ultra Marathon Runner

Podcast With Karen Bentley "Ultra-ultra-ultra marathon Runner" Karen is an exceptional human being capable of more endurance than 10 marathoners combined Karen has done it all when it comes to trail racing and taking it to extremes very few human beings have in the past! Here we have Karen Bentley who has recently completed more than 450 K's of Running in just 6 Days! Check it out Below on Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muYEbxg94m0 This Episode is Also Available on ITunes  continue reading →