Do you need a Strength Program to Improve your CrossFit Training?


A common question most crossfitters face at one stage or another in their training is the notion of weather or not they need to start following a strength program.

Common reasons for this are

  • Other competitors are doing it
  • It seems to be the natural progression in training
  • You feel that if you found weights easier your overall ability to perform would improve

& here is the truth..

You could probably do with being a little stronger overall, it never hurts (until you are actually more strong than fit).

But generally if you are the average person, yes overall strength is definitely a plus

But what type of strength should be focusing on

Here are few breakdowns of different types of strengths that exist in training and in life

  • Raw Strength (think of this as your 1 rm strength)
  • Speed Strength (Think of this in terms of explosive movements, like power cleans and box jumps)
  • Muscle Endurance (think of this as your ability to do 10+ reps of a movement without burn out)
  • Static Strength (Think of this as your ability to hold positions, like a plank or a handstand)

Before you decide to follow a Raw Powerlifting Type program figure out if that is actually what you need


Especially not if you actually need to develop more speed strength or overall muscle endurance ( probably the most relevant for met cons)

So Think carefully about what areas you lack in and then work towards your goals


If you…

  • Struggle to complete all Bench Marks Rx’d you need more Raw strength
  • Struggle to improve your olympic lifts, you probably need more olympic lifting coaching but also speed strength
  • Struggle to do more than 10+ reps of weighted movements in work outs then you need more muscle endurance
  • Struggle to maintain good posture during barbell movements, running and handstands, you need more static strength


Next …

Goals are important so what would be some goals that everyone should aim for in Strength Training for the long term.

Average Joe and Jane

  • Male
  • Deadlift 2 x Body weight
  • Bench Press x Body weight
  • Back Squat 1.5 x Body Weight


  • Female
  • Deadlift 1.5 x body weight
  • Bench Press 3/4 x Body weight
  • Back Squat x Body Weight


Now that you have some guidelines to determine weather you need more speed strength or raw strength & also have a guideline of basic parameters of strength to aim for, hopefully you have more clarity around what areas you are lacking in and which ones need your attention

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