The Pull Up Solution

Are you tired of looking up at the bar and not being able to pull your own body weight up?

Maybe you’ve tried a lot of different types of training and methods before and nothing has worked yet?

Well this is why we have created “The Pull Up Solution”.

The Pull Up Solution is just like it’s name says a 12 Week Program to help you finally achieve that magical Strict Pull Up

The 12 Week Program is Divided into 3 Different Levels


Level 1 “Complete Beginner” : can’t do any pull ups of any sort


Level 2 “Almost There” : You are close to a strict pull up, you feel comfortable hanging from a bar but pulling up just isn’t going to happen


Level 3 “Athlete in the making” : You can do 1 Strict Pull UP but you want to be able to achieve more strict pull ups.


In our Program you will receive the following

  • 12 Week Pull Up Program including all 3 Levels so you can progress through the program
  • Bonus Content the Kipping Pull Up Tutorial and Butterfly Pull Up Tutorial
  • Over 90 Minutes Worth of video content
  • Accessory Exercise Library
  • Access to Both Lauren and Raul Online Coaches

30 Day Guarantee if you did not enjoy the content of our “Pull Up Solution” we will refund you all of your money in the first 30 days